Parent Coaching

The abundance of parenting theories in our current culture can be confusing. I use my years as a teacher, parent educator and a parent of two teenagers to help guide families back to the basics. Meeting your child where they are on the continuum of child development with warmth while still holding age appropriate boundaries creates less anxious and more confident parents and children. Using tools and techniques I utilized in my teaching career and from my studies across a range of educational approaches, I help parents find joy in parenting. By helping to identify and break unhealthy generational patterns, I guide parents in creating an emotionally healthy home environment. A parent living a balanced life is able to meet parenting challenges from a grounded space, so at times we work collectively with the whole family while simultaneously supporting a parent's individual areas of challenge and inner growth with individual sessions. Family wellness consists of balanced individual family members working together to create harmony.

Create a Plan

Possible areas to cover while creating a plan for your family include:

● Prenatal parenting planning-get congruent with your partner or co-parent about your shared parenting values and approaches

● Creation of a family rhythm that fosters a sense of security for children

● Support in your family reaching the developmentally correct amount of sleep

● Help to delineate the difference between attachment and enmeshment

● Identify your families core values so they become a guiding force in navigating challenging behaviors

● Building self reliance in your child

● Foster the team player mindset by adding chores for all age groups in your family

● Support balanced nutrition and exercise by doing it together as a family

● Create a secure attachment so children can explore, take risks and make mistakes without a fear of rejection

● Identify and break unhealthy generational patterns

● Create age appropriate boundaries while keeping a loving connection with your child

● Misbehavior is often an expression of disorientation. Learn tools to help your child reorient themselves

● Incorporating activities in the early childhood years that develop healthy neuro pathways

● Simplifying your child’s toy and play spaces to encourage imagination and healthy play with others

● Exercises that bring body awareness to integrate children’s senses

 ● Integrating healthy risk taking and creative outlets in your tween or teen as the alternative to substances and risky behaviors

● Staying bonded to your child when they start spending more time away from you

● Support in speaking your child’s love language

● Support you in letting go of your expectations of your child so they grow into confident adults

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