Susan is a gift to all parents. Susan listens without judgement, guides with love, and uses her abundance of experience to provide parents the essential tools needed to parent with grace and love. Her warm demeanor and gentle presence gave me the confidence and skills needed to become the best parent I could be. Susan’s coaching has been immeasurable in helping me better understand my children’s behavior and my triggers. She took the time to truly know my children and created a plan tailor made for my family. In the process I’ve grown as a person and a mother. Susan provides great resources and practical, useful information - all in terms parents can understand. She is, and will forever be, my go to parenting guru!


Susan played an integral part in my knowledge and growth as a parent through her modeling and communication with both my daughter and myself while my daughter was in her class. Watching her with the children was amazing. She always knew what to do and say in any situation and she did it in a was that not only connected with the children, but also guided them through their experiences and emotions. Her knowledge and of how to foster that positive relationships helped me immensely as a parent and as a human, and for that I am eternally thankful to her.


If only I had met this incredibly positive, warm, intuitive, graceful, and wise coach before I had children. Susan is my first call whenever I have something big come up in life or parenting. She is an incredible listener. She is the queen of rhythm and balance and will help you master it without even knowing you are working on it…like magic. What a gift to our family she has been! Everyone should have a Susan, I mean everyone!


I am a single Dad and have a duaghter with ADHD. I confess I didn't know much about the condition and was feeling frustrated and helpless because I didn't understand the challenges my daughter was experiencing in her daily life or how to best help her.  So I made the decision to seek out the help of a coach.  A friend referred me to Susan and wow, did I hit the jackpot!  I felt immediately comfortable with her and was struck by her clear understanding of what we were going through. By incorporating some of the strategies Susan and I decided on together, my daughter has begun to open up to me about her struggles and I am feeling much more connected to her. This is a HUGE win and things are moving in a great direction! I'm so happy to have discovered In Balance Life and Parent Coaching and I highly recommend Susan to anyone experiencing difficulties or challenges as a parent!


I hired In Balance Coaching to help me navigate some new and unexpected losses.  I was still reeling and Susan's approach was gentle and grounding.  She's truly skilled in meeting client's where they are.  She helped me slow down, reflect more intentionally, be kind with myself, and identify next steps, which I was having touble seeing for myself.  I particularly appreciated how attentive she was. Her curiosity is genuine and her skill impressive.  I have work to do but her help steadied me and lit the path forward.  Cannot recommend her highly enough!